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If it's about wine, it's about the wine enthusiasts, the gourmets, the connoisseurs, the drunkards and wine-lovers.

Wine is pleasure - for you, for us, for all. That is why we at Vinello are committed to ensuring that everything for you runs smoothly and pleasantly. The main thing is that you have your wine in your hands and trust our promise of an uncomplicated, sustainable and fair purchase transaction. You enjoy, we deliver - that's the Vinello warranty.

Walking through life without cork - Our cork guarantee
Wine tastes of cork? Send the wine back, we'll replace it for a new one. Simply put the cork back into the bottle and let us know by email to [email protected] or contact form. We will pick up the wine and send you a new bottle.

Fast, secure shipping
Rest assured that your delivery is safe. Deliveries leave our depot in certified PTZ cartons. Approved by DHL and UPS, your bottles are in safe hands. Track your parcel by tracking code. Always on the trail of delivery. And if the desire is bigger, there is the UPS Express wine dispatch. For fast bottles right on your doorstep.

Competence at the bottle - expertise from the wine expert
Anyone who knows what they want is already helped. For everyone else, our in-house experts are there to help and support you. Ask us about our wide range, your wishes, our tips. We know how to solve every task. Our sommeliers not only know, they also know winegrowers and wineries in order to present you first-class wines and the latest trends.

Bio-top - Bio-certified
We are certified organic. Therefore we know where our natural wines come from and check every detail. And organic inspectors are checking us out. Everything for a flawless organic wine - for you to enjoy.

How do you wish to pay? Numerous payment methods
Wine on account, PayPal, credit card, Amazon Payments, cash payment for collectors and some other ways to pay easily. Whatever you say, that's the way we do it. With up to 14 methods of payment, we will comply with your wishes.

Nice working atmosphere - sustainable and environmentally conscious behaviour
We have committed ourselves to climate protection, so that flowers grow, birds chirp and trees remain standing. By climate-neutral shipping and green electricity from Lichtblick, we make our contribution to a sustainable business process.  Even our office papers, which we hardly need anyway, because everything works via computer and internet, are made of recycled material. Green, so that nature remains - and with it the vines.

We do everything for your enjoyment - sometimes we don't even deliver
We may be a wine trade, but selling is not the first priority. We trade with pleasure. To ensure that it reaches you safely, we do not ship our high-quality wines when it is extremely hot or cold. Because this harms the wine and thus the perfect drinking experience. And this is our highest asset, which we are happy to deliver to you.