toasted wood and Vanilla

Poli Barrique Solera di famiglia Grappa in GP - Jacopo Poli

Italy Italy Venetien (IT)
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0.7 Liter (£ 88.60 * / 1 Liter)

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Poli Barrique Solera di famiglia Grappa in GP - Jacopo Poli
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0.7 l (£ 88.60 * / 1 l)

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The Poli Barrique Solera di famiglia by Jacopo Poli is a powerful, warm grappa distilled from pomace of typical Veneto grape varieties. 

In the glass, this marc burn shimmers in a shiny amber with dark golden highlights. The spicy bouquet is characterized by the long barrel maturity - aromas of toasted wood, subtle bourbon vanilla, fine cocoa and roasted coffee unfold. With a powerful body and warm fullness, this harmonious grappa skilfully takes up the palate. The finale comes with a wonderful length. 

Distillation Jacopo Poli Barrique Solera di famiglia

The still fresh pomace is traditionally distilled in old copper burners. After firing, this young grappa is aged in French Allier oak barriques for 13 years. The alcohol content after distillation is 75% by volume. Due to the long maturity, this is naturally reduced to approx. 55% by volume. 

Serving recommendation for  the Poli Barrique Solera di famiglia Jacopo Poli Grappa

At a temperature of 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, this Italian marc brandy reveals its full range of aromas. Serve this grappa simply solo or with a cozy cigar. 

Product type: Spirits
Type of spirit: Grappa
Ageing in: small barrel
Country: Italy
Region: Venetien (IT)
Maturation: French Oak , Barrique 225 l
Duration of maturation (in Months): 156
Vintage: NV
Aromas & Palate Notes: toasted wood , Vanilla
Mouthfeel/ Texture: dense
Finish: long
Glass recommendation: Sherry Glass/ Nosing Glass
Occasion & Theme: typical national evening , perfect for an evening in front of the chimney , surprise connoisseurs , Romantic Dinner , Christmas
Bottle design & equipment: classic
Bottle size in l: 0,7
Shutter type: Swing stopper
Alcohol % ABV: 55,0
Distributor: Poli Distillerie - Via Marconi 46 - 36060 Schiavon (VI) Italien
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