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    You already prove an excellent taste if you are interested in red wine from Greece. Do you prefer dry red wine? 

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    Mount Athos Vineyards 2011 - Tsantali
    Mount Athos Vineyards 2011 - Tsantali
    Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries dry Greece
    17.74 £ *
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (£ 23.65 * / 1 liter(s))
    Imiglykos Rot - Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries
    Imiglykos Rot - Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries
    Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries smooth Greece
    7.15 £ *
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (£ 9.53 * / 1 liter(s))
    Imiglykos Weiß - Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries
    Imiglykos Weiß - Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries
    Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries smooth Greece
    7.15 £ *
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (£ 9.53 * / 1 liter(s))
    Mavrodaphne of Patras - Patraiki
    Mavrodaphne of Patras - Patraiki
    Patraiki 1918 sweet Greece
    16.25 £ *
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (£ 21.67 * / 1 liter(s))
    Retsina - Patraiki 1918
    Retsina - Patraiki 1918
    Patraiki 1918 dry Greece
    7.31 £ *
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (£ 9.75 * / 1 liter(s))
    Samos Vin Doux Moscato - EOS Samos
    Samos Vin Doux Moscato - EOS Samos
    EOS Samos sweet Greece
    14.76 £ *
    Content 0.75 liter(s) (£ 19.68 * / 1 liter(s))

    Then you should not miss the red wine specialties of the Greek winemakers. When it comes to red wine, taste and quality, the Greeks have a lot going for them. Why don't you try a "quaffable red" made from non-autochthonous grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot. In our wine shop we offer you Greece's best red wine for sale!

    Red wine from Greece from the most popular grape varieties

    The wine country Greece is known for its millennia-old wine tradition. Greek red wine was already drunk in ancient times. When talking about wine growing, the name Crete is mentioned. The largest island of Greece is one of the oldest wine regions and probably therefore bears the nickname "cradle of Greek wine".

    One of the most important red grape varieties is called Romeiko. It is not only on Crete very productive. The popular red grape variety also thrives in other wine-growing regions of Greece. A very elegant red wine variety bears the Asian-like name Agiorgitiko. It is the basis for a famous Greek red wine with a velvety taste, whose dark red colour shines mysteriously in the red wine glass. By the way, this red wine grape variety is also called "Saint George", Mavro Nemea or St. George's vine.

    Other well-known Greek red wine varieties are:

    • Mavro Naoussis
    • Mavroudi Arachovis
    • Liatiko

    Vinello recommendation

    You want to buy a top class Greek red wine online? We recommend the "Mount Athos Vineyards" from Tsantall from the year 2009. A powerful red wine from Greece, which has a gentle pine cone aroma,

    • with a taste of fresh berries,
    • spicy herbs,
    • Shimmering ruby red,
    • characterized by roasted aromas.

    Red wine from Greece: Quality levels

    Pure Greek red wine or a cuvée? Red quality wine from Greece it must be! And you can buy it online at Vinello. Although the Greeks look back on a long wine tradition, the very first wine law dates back to "modern times". To be precise, it dates back to 1934, and I wonder if the famous "wine of Samos" played a part in this

    In the 70ies, a new wine law was passed in Greece, which now regulates the wine qualities. In the meantime there are four different quality levels, which are generally valid for Greek wine:

    • P.A.P.
    • P.E.
    • Topikos Inos
    • Epitrapezios Inos

    In addition, the quality wine regions of Greece are subject to further criteria. Also within the so-called "appellations" certain regulations apply to winegrowers who produce quality red wine and white wine .

    Greek red wine and its vintages

    Red wine lovers certainly have high quality wine rarities from Greece in their wine cellars for special occasions. Would you like to order one of the best Greek vintage red wines online? A great vintage was the 1998. The Economu Liatiko, Grand Reserve, is an excellent PDO red wine from the top 1999 vintage. Top Greek red wines also emerged from previous years.

    Red wine from Greece: in style from the copper jug, accompanied by delicious food

    Have you ever drunk Greek red wine from a copper pot? In Greece's traditional restaurants, this is not an impossibility. Wines are not only presented to the guests in bottles, poured into wine glasses , but also served in glass or copper jugs. In numerous taverns, the wine barrels are usually located directly in the taproom. A freshly tapped Greek red wine from an oak barrel is a delicacy.

    If you are planning a cosy evening at home, with cheese specialities, olives, pomegranates, fruit variations and chocolate cakes, it is best to pour a red Melodikos from INO. A lovely red wine from one of the best red wine regions in Greece, its fruity aroma is irresistible.

    If you would like to buy red wine from Greece, we invite you to our wine shop ! On top of that, we have delicious delicacies that should not be missing on a cozy red wine evening.

    Why buy Greek red wine at Vinello?

    Because we love fine wines and exquisite spirits ! Our vinotheque is always well stocked. Whether Greek red wine, top wine from Australia, rosé wine from the best wine regions worldwide: Vinello spoils you with noble drops and delicious delicacies. Our qualified sommeliers will be happy to answer all your questions about wine enjoyment by telephone.

    If you are missing an unusual gift for a real wine lover, simply give away a wine subscription from Vinello. With this gift you will ensure joy and pleasure!

    At night in the taverna, Greek red wine, a small snack and muted music: how wonderful it was on holiday! Don't be sad, you can buy red wine from Greece online, order Greek specialties and enjoy the holiday mood. Dream of Northern Greece, of the wonderful wine regions, of the peninsula Chalkidiki with its dreamlike "appendages" Athos, Kassandra and Sithonia. There, where hospitality and joie de vivre are at home, it comes from - Greek red wine, traditionally pressed and tasty to the last drop.

    Red wine sweet or sweet and heavy, dry and aromatic? Greek wine from red grapes you can order at Vinello in different flavors!