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    Medium sweet wines are more than just companions and solo entertainers. They're real playmates. They bring sweetness to the palate, fruit into play, joy into the day. Exciting and pleasing at the same time, medium sweet wines are by no means sticky and sugary wines, but high-quality and playful wines whose production is anything but simple. Making the grapes ripen, absorbing every single ray of sunshine into the fruit and finding the ideal balance in the wine cellar demands a lot from the winegrower. Let's reward this quality work by sometimes reaching for sweet wine.

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    How sweetness gets into the wine

    As long as the grapes ripen on the vine, they produce their own sugar. This is converted into alcohol during fermentation by added yeast. The longer this process takes, the drier a wine becomes. Some grapes have such large sugar reserves that the yeast is used up before the sugar has completely disappeared. In addition, the winegrower can separate the yeast from the must by filtration. Thus it has a direct influence on the residual sugar content, which ultimately determines the taste of the wine. If the process is finished early, a wine has a lot of residual sugar. If the value lies between 18 and 45 grams per liter, the wine is described as medium sweet. Whether white wine or red wine. However, red and white wines with the same residual sugar content express themselves differently, since the tannins in the red wine neutralize the sweetness somewhat. For a sweet red wine with a noticeable sweetness you should therefore choose a wine with a high residual sugar content.

    Popular grape varieties for medium sweet wine

    • Lambrusco
    • Barbera
    • Tempranillo
    • Pinot Noir
    • Syrah
    • Riesling
    • Grillo
    • Dornfelder
    • Merlot
    • Silvaner

    Our VINELLO recommendation

    La vie est belle blanc 2017 - La vie est belle

    Why so serious? Happy times are only a cork away. La vie est belle blanc is crisp and fresh in a light body with a remarkably low alcohol content. Made from fully ripened Colombard grapes and aged in steel tanks, this sweet French white wine gives a relaxed feeling for sunny days and illustrious rounds. Try the white wine from Languedoc as a solo artist, for picnics or as an accompaniment to light dishes, antipasti and salad. Life is beautiful and tastes even better with a medium sweet white wine.

    Syrah 2016 - Paladin

    Even red wines can have a lovely charm. Syrah from the Paladin estate in Veneto is a ruby red wine with a complex bouquet of blackcurrants, blackberries, jam and fine spices in a harmonious body. The unobtrusive acidity balances together with intense fruit aromas and velvety tannins over your palate. This medium sweet Italian red wine goes perfectly with tapas, medium-ripe soft cheese variations or simply solo.

    Buy medium sweet wine online

    Pleasure should not be a burden, but a joy. Therefore, choose a playful and carefree sweet wine. VINELLO offers you inexpensive wines from all corners of the world to buy. Order easily and carefree online and benefit from our fast and insured delivery. Whether medium sweet red wine, white wine, sparkling wine or rosé - the lightness of medium sweet wines is waiting to fascinate you too. Because enjoyment is not a dry event on VINELLO.