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Der Feinschmecker has been published since 1975 and covers pretty much the entire spectrum of enjoyment. Whether restaurants, olive oil & vinegar, wine or travel - Der Feinschmecker discovers, reports, evaluates, criticizes. 

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Stoan Bianco Alto Adige DOC - Cantina Tramin
White wine White wine
dry dry
Italy Italy
Trentino-Alto Adige (IT) Trentino-Alto Adige
£ 18.54*
0.75 l (£ 24.72 * / 1 l)
Haardter Herrenletten Riesling trocken - Weinbiet Manufaktur
White wine White wine
dry dry
Germany Germany
Palatinate Palatinate
£ 5.48*
0.75 l (£ 7.31 * / 1 l)
The Maker Verdejo Rueda DO - Pedro Escudero
White wine White wine
dry dry
Spain Spain
Kastilien - León (ES) Kastilien - León
£ 9.48*
0.75 l (£ 12.64 * / 1 l)
tasting package of 6 wines from the Palatinate by Weinbiet Manufaktur
£ 37.18 * £ 34.98*
4.5 l (£ 7.77 * / 1 l)

The editors include such renowned names as Stuart Pigott, Eckart Witzigmann and Wolfram Siebeck. As a rule, Feinschmecker does not rate individual wines, but puts the entire winery to the test, with a maximum of 5 Feinschmecker Fs being earned. In addition, three particularly interesting wines are usually singled out as recommendations. In addition, Feinschmecker annually awards the best collection, the newcomer of the year, the winemaker of the year, etc.

Der Feinschmecker recommends

From the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, Der Feinschmecker reports on food, drink and the joie de vivre at an upscale level. One of the magazine's hobbyhorses is its numerous awards, which highlight various aspects of the German and international wine world. Winemaker of the Year, Wine Collection of the Year, Best Wineries - in each category Der Feinschmecker finds its winners.

For awards such as best wineries, the magazine uses a system of 0 to 5 diamonds. Individual wines are declared Best Buy and have no differentiated ratings. Only in the accompanying description does the Feinschmecker reader discover the nuances of the wines tasted. 

The rating system 

The Feinschmecker hardly rates individual wines, but wineries, restaurants and winemakers are put to the test. The coveted award of the trade magazine for wineries is structured as follows: 

5 lo zenges - One of the best wine producers

4 lo zenges - Outstanding wine quality

3 lo zenges - Very good wine quality

2 lozenges - Good to very good wine quality

1 lozenge - Good wine quality

½ lozenge - Half point

0 lozenges - Rating suspended