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Merlot red wine, number 2 in terms of area cultivated worldwide, is only surpassed in this respect by Cabernet Sauvignon, the ideal cuvée partner of Merlot. So what is Merlot? Merlot wine is dark red, Merlot is smooth, Merlot is absolute wine elite. The fruity and colourful Merlot from the heart of viticulture: Bordeaux.

From here the popular full-bodied red wine conquered the whole world and serves to round off many compositions. Because the soft and low-acid Merlot is not only a blending partner of the most famous wines in the world. It is also the perfect wine for a complete taste. Whether as a pure variety or as a cuvée; the Vino Merlot is convincing - with about 270,000 hectares of cultivated area worldwide to prove it. We don't need to prove anything, but we do need to send fruity Merlots to your home., your wine trade for the number 2 variety in the world - and everyone else too.

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Blanc de Noirs eins zu eins trocken 2021 - A. Diehl
Blanc de Noirs eins zu eins trocken 2021 - A. Diehl
White wine Blanc de Noir dry Germany Palatinate
£ 6.03 * £ 5.60 *
0.75 l (£ 7.47 * / 1 l)
Merlot Rosato Terre di Chieti IGT 2021 - Tenuta Ulisse
Merlot Rosato Terre di Chieti IGT 2021 - Tenuta Ulisse
Rosé wine dry Italy Abruzzo (IT) Terre di Chieti IGT (IT)
£ 7.40 *
0.75 l (£ 9.87 * / 1 l)
Rosé Cotes de Gascogne - Domaine Horgelus
Horgelus Rosé Côtes de Gascogne IGP 2021 - Domaine Horgelus
Rosé wine dry France Gascogne (FR) Côtes de Gascogne (FR)
£ 4.82 * £ 4.74 *
0.75 l (£ 6.32 * / 1 l)
Doppio Rosso Primitivo Merlot 2020 - Grande Vitae
Doppio Rosso Primitivo Merlot 2020 - Grande Vitae
Red wine semi-dry Italy Apulia (IT) Puglia IGT (IT)
£ 5.63 *
0.75 l (£ 7.51 * / 1 l)
MEA CULPA Vino Rosso Italia - Cantine Minini
MEA CULPA Vino Rosso Italia - Cantine Minini
Red wine semi-dry Italy Apulia (IT) Sizilien (IT)
£ 12.00 * £ 10.72 *
0.75 l (£ 14.29 * / 1 l)
Doktorspiele Rosé 2021 - Dr. Koehler
Doktorspiele Rosé 2021 - Dr. Koehler
Rosé wine dry Germany Rhine-Hesse (DE)
£ 5.94 * £ 5.56 *
0.75 l (£ 7.41 * / 1 l)
Apothic Red 2019 - Apothic Wines
Apothic Red 2019 - Apothic Wines
Red wine semi-dry USA California (US)
£ 8.14 * £ 7.64 *
0.75 l (£ 10.19 * / 1 l)
Rosé trocken 2021 - Lukas Kesselring Rosé trocken 2021 - Lukas Kesselring
Rosé wine dry Germany Palatinate
£ 5.56 *
0.75 l (£ 7.41 * / 1 l)
Rosé IGP 2021 - Domaine Laffitte Rosé IGP 2021 - Domaine Laffitte
Rosé wine dry France Gascogne (FR) Côtes de Gascogne (FR)
£ 3.94 *
0.75 l (£ 5.25 * / 1 l)
6er Vorteils-Weinpaket - Blanc de Noirs eins zu eins 2021 - A. Diehl 6er Vorteils-Weinpaket - Blanc de Noirs eins zu eins 2021 - A. Diehl
£ 33.59 * £ 33.10 *
4.5 l (£ 7.36 * / 1 l)
Merlot Rosé serigrafiert 2021 - Fortant de France
Merlot Rosé serigrafiert 2021 - Fortant de France
Rosé wine semi-dry France Languedoc (FR)
£ 5.23 *
0.75 l (£ 6.97 * / 1 l)
Entrecote Merlot Cabernet Syrah 2020 - Les Grands Chais de France Entrecote Merlot Cabernet Syrah 2020 - Les Grands Chais de France
Red wine semi-dry France Languedoc (FR)
From £ 4.90 *
0.75 l (£ 6.53 * / 1 l)
L'Or du Sud Merlot Pays D'Oc IGP 2021 - Les Vignobles Foncalieu L'Or du Sud Merlot Pays D'Oc IGP 2021 - Les Vignobles Foncalieu
Red wine dry France Languedoc (FR)
£ 4.19 *
0.75 l (£ 5.59 * / 1 l)
Ammasso Rosso Sicilia IGT 2019 - Barone Montalto Ammasso Rosso Sicilia IGT 2019 - Barone Montalto
Red wine semi-dry Italy Sizilien (IT) Terre Siciliane IGT (IT)
£ 12.04 *
0.75 l (£ 16.05 * / 1 l)
Jústo Appassimento Veneto IGT 2019 - Cesari Jústo Appassimento Veneto IGT 2019 - Cesari
Red wine dry Italy Venetien (IT)
£ 4.98 *
0.75 l (£ 6.64 * / 1 l)
1791 Rosé 2021 - Nederburg 1791 Rosé 2021 - Nederburg
Rosé wine semi-dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
£ 5.07 *
0.75 l (£ 6.76 * / 1 l)
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Merlot red wine - the perfect partner

No matter where you look in the world, Merlot is already there. The grape variety is quite frugal, grows and thrives extensively and feels at home almost everywhere. Argentina, Australia, Italy, Chile, USA, South Africa and even Germany produce excellent examples of this red wine. Mostly Merlot is intended for cuvées to make the wine composition accessible. When the wineries present the world with pure Merlot red wine, it becomes really opulent - and sometimes expensive. Because pure Merlot wines are among the best the wine world has to offer. The winegrowers know that, we know that. That's why you will find a select assortment of pure Merlot red wines at, which will not only satisfy your palate, but also your wallet.

Taste, character, Merlot

The taste of a Merlot combines fine berry aromas of redcurrant, raspberry, cherry and plum and enchants the nose with nuances of spices and herbs. Primarily, the full-bodied Merlot expresses itself in a fruity and round character, which combines soft tannins and low acidity with a high alcohol content. The red wine is early mature and can therefore be drunk early. However, the Merlot also has storage potential, under which the wine loses some of its fruit, but gains in spiciness and traces of tobacco, wood and vanilla. These characteristics make the Merlot red wine very much in demand, especially in warm areas where the grape feels comfortable and can develop individually. This is because Bordeaux wine, for which Merlot is one of the few approved grape varieties, differs, for example, from the innovative Supertuscans or the pure varietal creations from overseas and Switzerland.

From ornithology and ampelography - Merlot origin and ornithology

Merlot is an autochthonous grape variety from the Bordelais, just like its parents Magdeleine Noire des Charentes and Cabernet Franc. Formerly also known as Crabatut Noir or Carméneres, the name Merlot stuck. Perhaps because of the blackbird (French merle), which was only too happy to sit down on the Merlot vines to steal the black and blue berries. Apart from birds as a natural enemy, the Merlot grape is persistent and only vulnerable to frost. It is ideal for a wide range of wine-growing nations that have sought to capture the harmony of Merlot. With success.

Our Merlot wine recommendation

Les Cépages Merlot IGP Pays d'Oc - Baron Philippe de Rothschild
Great name - accessible wine. From the best sites of Languedoc-Roussillon, Les Cépages reveals a rich bouquet of cherries, blueberries and blackberries with a touch of spice. The grapes of Les Cépages are vinified separately and only later gently and harmoniously blended. A further 15 days of maceration is required to transfer the flavours, colourings and tannins to the mash, so that the aroma can develop in its entirety. A very special procedure, for a very special French red wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Somontano DO - Viñas del Vero
From Aragon in sunny Spain, comes this sun-kissed dry Merlot wine. Garnet red and with violet reflections, this dry red wine shines in glass and promises a complex aroma of black berry fruits and plums. The powerful Merlot is completed with floral aromas and an elegant structure. Fruity solo entertainer for unique moments and ideal with strong roasted meat - typical Spanish red wine.

Grand Estates Merlot - Columbia Crest
From overseas, from the United States, from Merlot. This pure and dark wine from the USA exhilarates the senses with powerful aromas of dark cherries, blueberries, raspberries and sweet chocolate with rustic cedar wood. Soft drinking pleasure is complemented by a velvety finale that simply encourages drinking. A worthy representative from the other side of the big pond - just as noble, just as Merlot.

Interesting facts about Merlot red wine

What's merlot?

Merlot, also called Crabatut Noir, Bordò, Bidal, Medoc Noir or Carméneres, is a grape variety from which red wine is made. The grape is native to Bordelais, France, but today it can be found all over the world. The name comes from the French and means blackbird. Merlot is often used as a blend wine to take on the dark colour and soft character. The famous Bordeaux wines for example often contain Merlot.

What goes well with a Merlot red wine?

Merlot wine harmonises with powerful meat dishes. Dishes with lamb, beef, duck and goose are particularly noteworthy. Combined with red cabbage, Merlot creates a round eating experience.

How do you drink Merlot wine?

Merlot red wine is served at a drinking temperature of 16-18° Celsius.

How long does an opened bottle of Merlot last?

When closed again, a Merlot bottle can last up to 7 days, depending on the contents. If the bottle is half empty, the duration is reduced to about 4 days.

How do you store a bottle of Merlot?

Dark, cool, lying down. Merlot wines do not require storage and are ready to drink immediately after purchase. With longer storage the fruit aromas disappear from the wine, but spice and herbal nuances increase.

Buy Merlot wine online at

Bring the worldwide celebrated Merlot red wine to your home. At Vinello you are guaranteed to find a delicious Merlot to drink, enjoy and share. Carefree online ordering and benefit from the Vinello guarantee. Simply buy the best Merlot wines online at a reasonable price and your wine is insured and quickly on its way to you. Carefully packaged and shipped climate-neutrally, your Merlot is on its way. And once it has arrived, the real journey begins. With a Merlot in your hand, music in your ears and company in your life. This is wine - this is Vinello - the wine trade for liquid pleasure.

Things to know about Merlot
Was ist Merlot?
Merlot, auch Crabatut Noir, Bordò, Bidal, Medoc Noir oder Carméneres genannt, ist eine Rebsorte, aus dem Rotwein gekeltert wird. Die Traube ist im Bordelais, Frankreich, beheimatet, ist heute aber auf der ganzen Welt zu finden. Der Name kommt aus dem französischen und bedeutet Amsel. Merlot wird häufig als Verschnittwein verwendet, um die dunkle Farbe und den weichen Charakter zu übernehmen. Die berühmten Bordeaux-Weine beinhaltet beispielsweise oft Merlot.
Was passt zu einem Merlot Rotwein?
Merlot Wein harmoniert mit kraftvollen Fleischgerichten. Hervorzuheben sind Speisen mit Lamm, Rind, Ente und Gans. Kombiniert mit Rotkohl bildet der Merlot ein rundes Ess-Erlebnis.
Wie trinkt man Merlot Wein, bei welcher Temperatur?
Merlot Rotwein wird bei einer Trinktemperatur von 16-18° Celsius serviert.
Wie lange hält sich eine geöffnete Flasche Merlot?
Wieder verschlossen hält sich ein Merlot bis zu 7 Tage, je nach Inhalt. Ist die Flasche halb leer verringert sich die Dauer auf etwa 4 Tage.
Wie lagert man eine Flasche Merlot?
Dunkel, kühl, liegend. Merlot Weine benötigen keine Lagerung und sind sofort nach dem Kauf trinkfertig. Bei längerer Lagerung entschwinden dem Wein die Fruchtaromen, jedoch steigen Würze und Kräuter-Nuancen.