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Limoncello - Walcher
Italy Italy
£ 12.58*
0.7 l (£ 17.97 * / 1 l)
My Limoncello Miniatur 0,2 l - Lorenzo Inga
sweet sweet
Italy Italy
Piemont (IT) Piemont
£ 5.98*
0.2 l (£ 29.90 * / 1 l)
Limoncello - Castagner
Italy Italy
Venetien (IT) Venetien
£ 12.78*
0.7 l (£ 18.26 * / 1 l)
Limoncello di Capri 1,0 l - Limoncello di Capri
Italy Italy
Kampanien (IT) Kampanien
£ 15.98*
1 l
Limoncello di Capri - Limoncello di Capri
Italy Italy
Kampanien (IT) Kampanien
£ 12.78*
0.7 l (£ 18.26 * / 1 l)
Limoncello di Capri 0,5 l - Limoncello di Capri
Italy Italy
Kampanien (IT) Kampanien
£ 8.98*
0.5 l (£ 17.96 * / 1 l)
Dalmatino White Limoncello - Nimco
Croatia Croatia
£ 9.98*
0.7 l (£ 14.26 * / 1 l)
Limoncello Antiche Tradizioni Alto Adige - Cantina Distilleria Pisoni
sweet sweet
Italy Italy
Trentino-Alto Adige (IT) Trentino-Alto Adige
£ 14.53*
0.7 l (£ 20.76 * / 1 l)
Limoncello - Cantina Distilleria Pisoni
Italy Italy
Trentino-Alto Adige (IT) Trentino-Alto Adige
£ 14.98*
0.7 l (£ 21.40 * / 1 l)
My Limoncello 0,5 l - Lorenzo Inga
sweet sweet
Italy Italy
Piemont (IT) Piemont
£ 8.98*
0.5 l (£ 17.96 * / 1 l)

Limoncello: The sunny elegance of Mediterranean citrus fruits

A touch of Italy in every bottle

The art of distillation comes together in a vibrant homage to the sun-drenched citrus orchards of the Italian Amalfi Coast: Limoncello. A liqueur that enchants the senses and captures the heritage of Mediterranean joie de vivre in every delicious drop.

The golden elixir: Limoncello in its purest form

Rays of sunshine in every bottle

Limoncello, a golden drop of joie de vivre, is characterized by its clear, bright color. The liqueur, distilled from carefully selected lemon peel, reveals the pure taste of sun-kissed fruit in every nuance. A true elixir that carries the warmth of the Mediterranean.

Tisch mit Limoncello

The art of production: craftsmanship and tradition

From the lemon grove straight into the glass

Limoncello is more than just a drink; it is a craft, a tradition that has lasted for generations. The artful production of this liqueur requires patience and dedication. The carefully selected lemon peels are gently distilled to preserve the full aroma of the Mediterranean citrus fruit. A process that captures the essence of the sun and preserves it in every bottle.

Seduce the senses: Limoncello as a sensual experience

A touch of dolce vita

Limoncello is not just a drink, but a sensual experience that pampers the palate and seduces the senses. The sweet, refreshing taste of lemons is combined with a gentle warmth. This is reminiscent of sunny days in picturesque coastal towns. A sip of Limoncello is like a journey into the magical world of Italian dolce vita.

Diverse moments of pleasure: Limoncello in different varieties

The right flavor for every occasion

Whether pure on ice, as a refreshing cocktail or as a fine accompaniment to desserts. Limoncello is versatile in its use. Its tangy freshness and sweet note make it the perfect drink for festive occasions or relaxed evenings with friends. Discover the diversity of Limoncello and let yourself be seduced by its unmistakable taste.

Limoncello Flaschen

Conclusion: Limoncello - a piece of Italy in every bottle

The art of enjoyment

Limoncello is a tribute to the Mediterranean joie de vivre. The artful production, the sun-drenched citrus aromas and the diverse moments of enjoyment make this liqueur a unique experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Limoncello. Let yourself be seduced by the elegance and liveliness of one of the most famous Italian liqueurs. Salute!

Things to know about Limoncello
What makes limoncello so unique?
Limoncello is unique due to its production from carefully selected lemon peel, which develops its full aroma through artful distillation. The sun-kissed citrus notes give this liqueur an unmistakable freshness and elegance.
What traditions and craftsmanship are behind the production of limoncello?
The production of limoncello is a craft that has been passed down through generations. The careful selection of lemon peel and gentle distillation are key aspects of this traditional process. Each bottle of Limoncello bears the history and dedication of the producers.
What is the best way to enjoy limoncello?
Limoncello unfolds its aromas best neat on ice. The combination of sweet citrus notes and a slight warmth also makes it an excellent ingredient for refreshing cocktails. The versatility of this liqueur means it can be enjoyed on different occasions.
Are there different varieties of limoncello?
Yes, there are different varieties of limoncello, which can vary in sweetness and intensity. Some producers also offer roasted or creative flavors. The variety makes it possible to find the perfect limoncello for every taste.
Where can you buy limoncello?
Limoncello is available in well-stocked specialist drinks stores, liquor stores and online, e.g. at VINELLO. Many Italian delicatessens also stock a selection of limoncello brands. Immerse yourself in the world of limoncello and discover this sunny liqueur at selected retailers.